Just with our article on alcohol, in moderation, coffee is fine to drink and in fact it’s much better for you than alcohol. Even the British Heart Foundation agree that up to five cups of coffee a day has no effect on the risk of developing heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms. Though some results are conflicting, coffee could in fact help your heart be stronger if moderately consumed.

The good news… There is no link between caffeine and heart disease, as coffee could actually help reduce the likelihood of Cancer, Alzheimer’s or Heart Failure.

Up to 5 cups of coffee a day could also reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease which many people previously thought the opposite of.

The bad news… Unfiltered coffee can increase levels of cholesterol and lack of sleep which are obviously harmful to your heart as your body needs sleep to recover, and cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

In addition to those, if you’re an individual who suffers from nutrient deficiencies, coffee should be avoided. The more coffee you drink, the more you need to urinate, which means more nutrients are leaving the body. Due to this, if you suffer from nutrient deficiency, you may be more prone to having a negative effect on your hearts ability to function if even the smallest of alterations occur due to the excessive loss of water from the body through urinating.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, there isn’t much reason to stop unless you do have nutrient deficiencies, or are drinking unfiltered coffee. In saying that, it still comes down to moderation and you should still limit the number of coffees a day to as little as possible, as it’s not a necessity.

Sacrifice one coffee and donate to the foundation here, helping us to continue to save lives.


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