If you suffer from heart failure, diabetes, a history of strokes, high blood pressure or you are obese, it’s vital you see your doctor as doing the below could be harmful to you.

Before you read on though don’t worry. We’re not going to say you can’t have your pint watching the football, or your wine on a girl’s night in. It’s okay to drink alcohol, just in moderation.

Despite this, it’s become clear that over time, regular consumption of alcohol can cause high blood pressure, and with high blood pressure, your heart muscle becomes strained. This leads to cardiovascular disease which will increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


The serious abuse of alcohol can significantly damage your heart which is why it’s important to drink in moderation to look after it. On the left, you can see the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for alcohol across all ages.

The good news… if you’re over 45, and consume around 5 units of alcohol a week alcohol can help prevent clotting (thrombosis)

The bad news…if you’re consuming beyond the RDA on a regular basis, in essence binge drinking or having an addiction, then you are at risk of a high blood pressure which can lead to strokes, obesity, or a heart attack.

Also, binge drinking can easily cause an irregular heart beat which will then alter your heart rate and again, cause a heart attack or cardiac arrest. In addition to this, blood can’t be pumped around the body as efficiently with the regular abuse of alcohol as alcohol weakens your heart muscle leaving it no choice but to work less efficiently.

The risks far outweigh the benefits, and it’s not worth your life just to experience what you do from alcohol


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