The 10th of July saw the launch of our summer campaign “#HeartSmart” in a bid to get you Heart Smart within 12 weeks, to help you and those around you have a better and safer future.

Split up into three topics between 10th July and 29th September, Nutrition, Exercise and Science, lasting four weeks each, #HeartSmart opens your mind to the importance of heart health, and how you can make simple changes in your life order to improve your health.

Nutrition has been and will continue to give you heart healthy recipes, advice, and worrying statistics on things like alcohol and smoking. Each week will see a new recipe from the Heart4More kitchen be released too, to show how to cook a very simple but healthy recipe.

Our Exercise segment go through the importance of exercise to keep you fit and healthy. We will provide simple solutions to your workout worries, allowing you to make simple changes to get fit. These 4 weeks will also see material coming from some well-known sportspeople and social media influencers, so stay tuned!

The final segment of Science will educate you in the science around your heart. These final 4 weeks will allow you to understand how the heart works, what’s good and bad for it, and various articles on different treatments, cardiac screening, and other scientific topics.

The awareness of how significant CPR is plays a major factor too, with the many well-known sportspeople and social media stars supporting the campaign because of this. Stars such as Hector Bellerin, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Zanna Van Dijk, Aiden O’Brien and Danielle Carter, are all supporting the campaign as they know it is vital people listen to Heart4More and their messages.

England and Arsenal Forward Danielle Carter (pictured below) stated, “Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, so the sooner more people know how to look after their hearts, how to do CPR, and the sooner defibrillators are a common item in public, lives won’t be needlessly lost as the public will know how to react”.


#HeartSmart is running for 12-weeks in the lead up to World Heart Day on 29th September where a large fundraiser will occur (details to come shortly).

Get your friends and family involved on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too! Stay tuned, challenge each other, and enjoy this journey to being #HeartSmart

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