It is almost common sense in this day and age to realise the damage smoking does to your body, and that the most important thing to do is stop if you care about your body. The use and addictiveness of it is unbelievable, and the fact people still do it is unfathomable. Despite this, if you are a smoker, read on to see the damage the substance really has on your body.

There is no good news to smoking. Unless you like wasting money and slowly killing your body, then there is no good news at all.

Smoking increases the risk that you will contract an array of cardiovascular diseases, among the many others that can affect your body including cancer. Below are a few reasons as to how this occurs;

  • The lining of your arteries are damaged due to the build-up of material caused by smoking which can cause angina, heart attacks or strokes.
  • Your heart is forced to work harder due to the lack of oxygen in your blood caused by carbon monoxide in tobacco.
  • Heart rate is raised as a result of nicotine stimulating your body to produce adrenaline.
  • Blood clots are much more common which can then lead to diseases.

Below is a video from the BHF on smoking and heart disease


Just like alcohol, there is no “safe” amount of smoking as it only does your heart and body harm. It may be hard to give up, but once you start feeling better, saving money, and realising there is no need for it, you will be so thankful you stopped.

If you do give up your addiction/habit of smoking, do let us know as we would love to help, and possibly share your story to inspire others. If not, we hope this helps you realise the damage caused, and if you can afford to smoke, I’m sure a small donation to us won’t be a huge blow. Donate here.

Remember, keep up-to date and let us know your story using the hashtag #HeartSmart on social media and start saving lives!


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