Working a full time job can be really tiring, and the last thing many people want to do after a long day out of the house is cook a meal for themselves or their family & friends. This is something many people feel, but maintaining a good diet and not going for the convenience foods isn’t too difficult, and is very beneficial to your heart and general health.

All you need to do is ensure you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and try to cut down on the snacks. Many of us snack during the day and be it your favourite snack is an apple or a mars bar, it does interfere with your meals after work and can result in a poor diet so plan the consumption of snacks carefully.

Complicated meals aren’t even a necessity either. You can have healthy meals with simple recipes and still get everything you need including the taste. Below are two examples of easy heart healthy meals you can cook with no stress, and still get the nutrients and taste that you want.



In order to maintain a good diet whilst working, it is all about the planning. If you know you will not be getting home from work until late the next day, cook enough for double and reheat when you are home. If you’re not a morning person, make a breakfast smoothie before you go to bed and have it on the way to work with you. And if you find yourself too tired after work every day of the week, use the weekend to cook various meals and store them in the fridge or freezer to have during the week.

These little changes will free up more social or family time, and also relieve stress for you which can lower blood sugar levels and increase the health of your heart.

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