Creating a healthy food habit from a young age is very important. If children are brought up to understand that they need to eat healthy to stay healthy, and that it is important, needs to be understood by all parents. Many of you will know that children can be fussy with their food. Even if it looks weird, they may opt to not eat it. This is why it’s important to still feed them healthy food, but make it seem appealing to them.

Making a meal seem appealing to kids usually involves concealing what’s really in it until they taste it. Ensuring they don’t immediately say no to the meal you cook. For some reason, making things look really small is a technique used by many that seems to work. That aubergine or dragon fruit may look unappetising to the kids when large, but if cut into small pieces and slipped inside a fishcake or fruit salad may be the way to entice them into a healthy diet.

This is why we have a few recipes courtesy of the BBC that can stop you making various meals for different kids, and stop you even thinking about stretching the bank for that pizza the kids are chanting for!

A few ideas…


Peanut Butter Delight

Super Veg Pasta

Salmon & Ginger Fish Cakes

Children need as many different nutrients as possible and they come from fruit, vegetables, wholemeal breads, cheese and an array of other foods. The problem is, making dishes that are not only nice, but look good to children is an issue many parents face.

There’s always a temptation to order a takeaway, or buy those ready meals from the supermarket on your shop, as you know your kids won’t complain, and it eases a burden for you. That shouldn’t be the case as they need to eat well, as do you. So be mindful on your next shop, buy a new healthy item and incorporate it into a dish. You’ve got nothing to lose, only health to gain.

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