Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those “perfect” days when you can take the dog out for a peaceful sun kissed walk, head to the gym whenever you want, binge watch a new tv show all day? We wish that too but in reality it is a rarity in the modern age with the hectic schedule many of us possess.


We all know that many people become more lacklustre and lazy when the schedule is a bit manic. Despite this, it is important to keep active beyond your job or household duties and making that time and effort is key to staying fit.


There are a few things which can help you massively, and we believe if you take these steps, you will become healthier, fitter, and more #HeartSmart.


  • Plan Ahead. One day a week set aside two or three hours to prep meals and snacks for yourself and/or family to get you through the week. This will then save up extra time during the week after work or a busy day to rest more, go on a date, or catch up on your favourite TV show.

    This prep doesn’t even have to be anything huge. You don’t need to cook and freeze all your meals. Even small things like chopping up fruit and veg for the week, or baking some snacks, just to help when you are rushed off your feet.


  • Spread it out. It’s advised to work out four or five times a week, but of course this isn’t always possible. So if you can’t commit to that, spread those workout sessions across an array of activities. Play with the kids, walk to the meeting three blocks away instead of driving, lunge from room to room, do a few push-ups against your desk each time you take your seat. Though we aren’t responsible for any desk or human damage for that last suggestion!

    These little things spread out will really help you stay active rather than being rather lazy and taking the easy and quickest option each time.


  • Drink Water. Staying hydrated helps you focus. So if you are busy and you’ve got a bottle of water to hand, not only will you sip on that and save calories from avoiding sugary drinks, your work will be completed quicker and more efficiently too.

    Try to always have a bottle to hand, drink a big glass of water when you wake up, when you get home from work and before bed. The benefits will start to show!


  • Rest. Be it setting a specific time to go to sleep, or just taking 5 after a hard workout or stressful period of time in a day. Ensuring you do rest and have a schedule will help massively. Not only will you be being #HeartSmart, you will notice an improvement in your decision making, patience, workouts, and quality of work.


These tips will help you in the long and short term. You will start to realise you can easily live a life that is hectic as well as organised, active and healthy.

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