Mission Statement


Heart4More Foundation was founded by Tobi Alabi in February 2014.

We are the first in the world, in our field to be recognized by the Premier League as a cardiac focused organization to provide Cardiac Heath Workshops to the Premier League, Professional Footballers Association, Professional Clubs, and various Educational Institutions. In addition, we raise awareness by running community heart screening days and donate defibrillators to schools and sports clubs.

We are one body, devoted to many hearts focused on saving lives and enhancing futures.

Our Founder's Story

Tobi Alabi is now a retired footballer. He previously represented Millwall FC, Ljungskille SK and U16 level in Nigeria.

Tobi joined Millwall FC in 2002, was enrolled in the clubs academy in 2010, made his first team debut whilst on tour in Ireland in 2011 and was awarded a professional contract in 2012. He signed for an undisclosed fee by Sweedish Superretan side, Ljungskille SK on a two-year contract but returned back to the UK shortly after.

At the age of 19, on 15th October 2013, Tobi suffered a collapse during a non-league friendly match against Molesy FC due to a five-minute-long cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital. He had a heart monitor placed into his chest and advised to stop playing professional football immediately.

This unfortunate event motivated Tobi to start Heart4More Foundation in February 2014 as he felt the communities need for more action, awareness and a sustainable charity.

Two months later, Tobi suffered another collapse in April 2014. His older brother found him lying unconscious on the bathroom floor. Tobi was rushed to the hospital after a successful resuscitation. The heart monitor has revealed that Tobi’s heat had stopped three times for three minutes each time. Based on this information, doctors concluded that Tobi had a mild case of HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – enlargement of the cardiac muscle) and he had a pacemaker implanted into his chest.

He became even more active in the Foundation and at first started to work with local football clubs, local communities and spread the word by countless media interviews. He managed to put together a small team of highly motivated people and used their resources to raise awareness. Heart4More Foundation grew into a respected charity among the Premier League Clubs and within communities continues to reach more individuals each year.