To continue changing the world in our own little way, we rely on the support of communities and individuals to keep the mission alive. Here are a few of our core goals that your donation will help us to achieve;

  • 20,000 by 2020; 

15 Children every week in the UK lose their lives to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. There are 10-14 Cardiac related episodes within schools every week. Seven of these weekly school incidents result in a death. The Department for Education can only quote figures for England and have disclosed that there are 24,288 schools in England and of those, only 1,485 are recorded as having an AED on site.

By the year 2020, we aim to place 20,000 defibrillators in schools nationwide.

Defibrillators are the most important pieces of life-saving equipment should somebody suffer a Cardiac Arrest.
One Defibrillator costs approx. £1300

  • National Screening Programme; 

By the year 2018, we aim to have our national screening program up and running. The national screening program will allow for members of the public to have easier access to Heart Screenings during our community days. We have already carried out two screenings in the years between 2014 – 2016. Screening 200 people in the process and saving three lives. Start cup cost is £100,000.

  • 50,000 Life Savers

Have trained 50,000 people in life-saving skills by 2020. Our life-saving skills workshop where we train individuals how to perform CPR, use a Defibrillator and teach them how to look after their hearts are educational tools that are possibly just as important as having a defibrillator on site. With the knowledge provided through our workshops, individuals get an understanding of what signs and symptoms to look out for that could allude to a possible heart problem, or somebody going into cardiac arrest. It also gives them the skills to be able to save a life should they need to.
Running cost, approx. £30,000 per year.

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Members of the Heart4More Foundation team Volunteering in South Africa with members of a Township in Johannesburg after presenting them with their Life-Saving Skills certificate.